Dbios Animal Husbandry charts about 50 charts

In consultation, with the eminent subject specialists we have started the library of Dbios charts, which constitute a compilation of more than 4500 topics in various subjects varying : simple Botany, Zoology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Learning charts ,Medical Sciences, Homeopathy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Engineering etc.

We had developed charts in many foreign language charts.

We can develop charts as per choice, Customised size and design can be ready.

CH 1702 Vaccinations schedule for dairy animals

CH 1703 Dairy cattle shed map for 10 buffaloes/cows & their calves

CH 1705 Oestrous cycle for different categories of animals

CH 1706 Composition of concentrate mixture according to level of milk production

CH 1707 Composition of mineral mixture (without salt) for dairy animals

CH 1710 Food Habits of Animals

CH 1711 Different Breeds of Cows

CH 1712 Different Breeds of Buffalo

CH 1713 Appliances of Handling Animals

CH 1714 Casting of Farm Animals

CH 1715 Methods of Identification

CH 1716 Disbudding & Dehorning

CH 1717 Methods of Milking & Cross Section of Cow’s Udder

New 31 Housing System For Animals Head To Head

New 32 Housing System For Animals Tail To Tail

New 33 Bull Reproductive System

New 34 Cow Reproductive System

New 35 Parasites of Cattle

New 36 Different Breeds of Pig

New 37 Pig Digestive System

New 38 Different Breeds of Sheep

New 39 Sheep Digestive System

New 40 Different Breeds of Goat

New 41 Different Types of Larva

New 42 L.H. Silkworm

New 43 Fish Anatomy

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