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O.H.P Transparencies Charts

  Products » Charts/ Models for School/ Degree Colleges » O.H.P Transparencies Charts

  • This Wonderful Teaching aid lends immense assistance to the teacher during Lecture Hour, since every multicolor Transparency is self explanatory, A lot of Time is saved in sketching complex diagrams on the Black Boards / Self Prepared Transparency.
  • Every Transparency is individually placed securely in a quality Dust Proof Plastic Sleeve & Set of Sleeves are further binded carefully in a Stout & Compact File Cover for Convenient Handling.
  • In Between the Two Transparencies Single Plain Sheet is placed to avoid any sort of Scratch or Cut to the Original Transparencies.
  • We, have maneouvers to develop CUSTOMIZED COPIES for you, if needed. In all such cases Name of the Institute is printed in the Background of the Transparencies.
  • We. could prepare & develop Transparencies as per the specified Topic / subjects with Technical Perfection.
  • Available in Sets only.

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We are suppliers, providers and exporters of many charts and models including O.H.P Transparencies Charts. We are among Best sellers of O.H.P Transparencies Charts in the world. For more details about O.H.P Transparencies Charts and also see below some important list of products in O.H.P Transparencies Charts.

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