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Computer Pioneers Charts

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Laminated Framed on Board
Small Size: 30 ? 45 cm
Medium Size: 40 ? 55 cm
Big Size: 50 ? 65 cm

Dbios, introduces for the first time, in India multicolored photographs with their achievements in the lightened shades of the photograph to give better understanding to students to correlate famous works with scientist. Each Scientist Photographs comes with detailed descriptions in the fields of their Academics, Works , Designations, Publishing and Awards / Honours.Also available in light weight Dura Board.

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We are suppliers, providers and exporters of many charts and models including Computer Pioneers Charts. We are among Best sellers of Computer Pioneers Charts in the world. For more details about Computer Pioneers Charts and also see below some important list of products in Computer Pioneers Charts.

John Cocke The Concept Of The Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC).
Product Code: DCP 11
More about this product
Douglas C. Engelbart In Developing The Mouse As A Input Device
Product Code: DCP 12
More about this product
Bob Frankston Advancing The Utility Of Personal Computers
Product Code: DCP 13
More about this product
Carver Mead  Pioneering the automation, methodology and teaching of integrated circuit design.DCP 14
Carver Mead Pioneering The Automation, Methodology And Teaching Of Integrated Circuit Design.
Product Code: DCP 14
More about this product
Ken Olsen For His Introduction Of The Minicomputer.
Product Code: DCP 15
More about this product
Pickette Wayne D Inventor Of The Principle Of CPU On Chip
Product Code: DCP 16
More about this product
Dr. Vinton G. Cerf Father of internetDCP 17
Dr. Vinton G. Cerf Father Of Internet
Product Code: DCP 17
More about this product
Bob Kahn Developed The TCP/IP
Product Code: DCP 18
More about this product
Ken Thompson The Unix Operating System, And For Development Of The C Programming Language.
Product Code: DCP 21
More about this product
Dennis Ritchie  Pioneered the C Programming LanguageDCP 25
Dennis Ritchie Pioneered The C Programming Language
Product Code: DCP 25
More about this product
Bjarne Stroustrup Pioneered The C++ Programming Language
Product Code: DCP 26
More about this product
James Gosling Developed The Java Programming Language
Product Code: DCP 27
More about this product
Brendan Eich Creator of Java ScriptDCP 28
Brendan Eich Creator Of Java Script
Product Code: DCP 28
More about this product
Larry Ellison In Developing Oracle
Product Code: DCP 29
More about this product
Michael Saul Dell Founder Of Dell
Product Code: DCP 32
More about this product
Azim Prem Ji Founder of Wipro ComputersDCP 34
Azim Prem Ji Founder Of Wipro Computers
Product Code: DCP 34
More about this product
N. R. Narayana Murthy Founder Of Infosysys
Product Code: DCP 35
More about this product
Ratan Tata (F.C.Kohli) Founder Of TCS
Product Code: DCP 36
More about this product
Shiv Nadar HCL LtdDCP 38
Shiv Nadar HCL Ltd
Product Code: DCP 38
More about this product
Flint Charles Ranlett Founding Father Of IBM
Product Code: DCP 39
More about this product
Gordon E. Moore & Robert Noyce Founder Of INTEL
Product Code: DCP 41
More about this product
William Hewlett and David Packard Founder of HPDCP 43
William Hewlett And David Packard Founder Of HP
Product Code: DCP 43
More about this product
Steve Jobs CEO & Founder Of Apple Computers
Product Code: DCP 44
More about this product
Steve Wozniak Co-Founder Apple Computer
Product Code: DCP 45
More about this product
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