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Physicist Charts

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Laminated Framed on Board
Small Size: 30 x 45 cm

Dbios, introduces for the first time, in India multicolored photographs with their achievements in the lightened shades of the photograph to give better understanding to students to correlate famous works with scientist. Each Scientist Photographs comes with detailed descriptions in the fields of their Academics, Works , Designations, Publishing and Awards / Honours.

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We are suppliers, providers and exporters of many charts and models including Physicist Charts. We are among Best sellers of Physicist Charts in the world. For more details about Physicist Charts and also see below some important list of products in Physicist Charts.

Galileo Galilei
Product Code: SP 13
More about this product
Issac Newton
Product Code: SP 14
More about this product
Sir C.V. Raman
Product Code: SP 15
More about this product
Homi Jehangir BhabhaSP 16
Homi Jehangir Bhabha
Product Code: SP 16
More about this product
J.J. Thompson
Product Code: SP 17
More about this product
Neils Bohr
Product Code: SP 18
More about this product
ArchimedesSP 20
Product Code: SP 20
More about this product
Albert Einstein
Product Code: SP 23
More about this product
Ernest Rutherford
Product Code: SP 31
More about this product
Dr. Vikram SarabhaiSP 40
Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
Product Code: SP 40
More about this product
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Product Code: SP 44
More about this product
Thomas Alva Edison
Product Code: SP 46
More about this product
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