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Biomolecules Charts and Models

  Products » Bio-Chemistry Charts » Biomolecules Charts and Models

Thick Laminated both side & attached with Plastic Strips            

Thick Laminated & Framed on NU-Wood Board  

Size 20”x26” 



DBC 21          Overview - Carbohydrates overview, Monosaccharides structure

DBC 22          Chemistry of sugar - Reactions of the monosaccharides, Polarimetry, Mutarotation                                 

DBC 23          Monosaccharides and Disaccharides - Important monosaccharides,Disaccharides         

DBC 24          Polysaccharides overview - Polysaccharides  structure, Important Polysaccharides,       

DBC 25          Plant Polysaccharides - Cellulose, Starch,                    

DBC 26          Glycosaminoglycans and Glycoproteins - Hyaluronic acid,Oligosaccharide in immunoglobuling (IgG), Glycoproteins



DBC 28          Overview - Classification                                                   

DBC 29          Fatty acid and fats -  Carboxylic acids , Structure of fats         

DBC 30          Phospholipids and Glycolipids - Structure of fats, Phospholipids and Glycolipids

DBC 31          Isoprenoids - Activated acetic acid as a component of lipids,Isoprenoids,                                       

DBC 32          Steroid structure - Steroid building blocks, 3D structure, Thin-layer Chromatography

DBC 33          Steroid : overview - Sterols, Bile acids, Steroid  hormones


             AMINO ACIDS

DBC 36          Chemistry and properties - Amino acids: functions, Optical activity,Dissociation curve of histidine B27           

DBC 37          Proteinogenic amino acids - The proteinogenic amino acids,

DBC 38          Non-Proteinogenic amino acids - Rare amino acids,Post-translational Protein modification , Biogenic amines



DBC 40          Overveiw  -  Proteins                                                          

DBC 41          Peptide bonds - Peptide bonds, Resonance, Peptide nomenclature, Conformation space

                         of the peptide chain

DBC 42          Secondary structures -  Helix, Collagen Helix, Pleated-sheet structures, B - Turns

DBC 43          Structural proteins -  Keratin,  Collagen, Silk fibroin

DBC 44          Globular proteins - Conformation-stabilizing interactions, Disulfide bonds, Protein dynamics

                        Folding patterns      

DBC 45          Protein folding - Folding and denaturation of ribonuclease, Energetics of protein folding


DBC 46          Molecule models : Insulin - Structure of insulin,Insulin (monomer)

DBC 47          Isolation and analysis of proteins - Salt precipitation,Dialysis,Gel filtration,  SDS gel                                electrophoresis                    



DBC 48          Base and nucleotides - Nucleic acid bases, Nucleosides, Nucleotides, Oligonucleotides,           


DBC 49          RNA - Ribonucleic acids (RNAs) , Transfer RNA (tRNA)

DBC 50          DNA - DNA: structure, Coding of genetic information

DBC 51          Molecular model: DNA and RNA - DNA : Conformation, RNA,


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