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  Products » Bio-Chemistry Charts » ORGANELLES

Thick Laminated both side & attached with Plastic Strips            

Thick Laminated & Framed on NU-Wood Board  

Size 20”x26” 



DBC 124        Structure of cell - Comparison of prokaryotes and eukaryotes, Structure of an animal cell

DBC 125        Cell fractionation - Isolation of cell organelles, Marker molecules,

DBC 126        Centrifugation - Principles of centrifugation, Density gradient centrifugation

DBC 127        Cell components and cytoplasm - Components of a bacterial cell, View into a bacterial cell

                        Biochemical  functions of the cytoplasm



DBC 131        Components - Actin, Intermediate filaments, Tubulins

DBC 132        Structure and functions - Microfilaments and intermediate filaments , Microtubules,  Architecture                                                 

DBC 135        NUCLEUS - Nucleus ,Nuclear pores, Interactions between nucleus and cytoplasm



DBC 137        Stucture and Functions - Mitochondrial structure, Metabolic functions

DBC 138        Transport Systems - Transport systems, Malate and glycerophosphate shuttle,     




DBC 141        Structure and Components - Structure of the plasma membrane, Membrane lipids

                        Membrane protein  

DBC 143        Functions and composition - Functions of membranes Composition of membranes                                           

DBC 144        Transport Processes - Permeability of membranes, Passive and active transport

                        Transport processes                       

DBC 146        Transport proteins - Transport mechanisms, Glucose transporter Glut-1, Aquaporin-1,

                        Sarcoplasmic Ca+2 pump.

DBC 148        Ion channels - Voltage-gated Na+ channel, Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor, K + channel

                        in Streptomyces lividans

DBC -149      Membrance receptors - Principle of receptor action, Insulin receptor, 7-Helix receptors

                        T-cell receptor.         



DBC 150        ER :  structure and function - Rough endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi apparatus,

                        Smooth endoplasmic reticulum        

DBC 151        Protein sorting - Protein sorting, Translocation signals, Exocytosis

DBC 152        Protein synthesis and maturation  - Protein synthesis in the rough endoplasmic reticulum

                        Protein glycosylation          

DBC 153        Protein maturation  - Protein folding in the rER, Chaperones and chaperonins, Protein import in mitochondria                           

DBC 155        Lysosomes - Structure and contents, Functions , Synthesis and transport

                         of  lysosomal proteins                   



DBC 156        Over view - Expression and transmission of genetic information,

DBC 157        Genome - Chromatin, B. Histone,                                    

DBC 158        Replication - Mechanism of  DNA polymerases, Replication in E. coli,

DBC 159        Transcription -Transcription and maturation of RNA: overview, Organization of the

                       PEP-CK gene, Process of transcription

DBC 160        Transcriptional Control - Initiation of transcription, Regulation of PEP-CK transcription,

DBC 161        RNA Maturation - 5\' and 3\' modification of m RNA, Splicing of h nRNA , Spliceosome               

DBC 162        Amino acid activation -  The genetic code,  Amino acid activation Asp-tRNA-Ligase (Dimer)

DBC 163        Translation 1: initation - Structure of eukaryotic ribosomes, Polysome  Initiation of translation

                        in E. Coli.                  

DBC 164        Translation 11: elongation and termination - Elongation and termination of protein biosynthesis in E. Coli


DBC 165        Antibiotics - Antibiotics: overview, Intercalators,C. Penicillin as \"suicide substrate\"

DBC 166        Mutation and Repair - Mutagenic agents, Effects, Repair mechanisms



DBC 167        DNA cloning  - Restriction endonucleases, DNA cloning,     

DBC 168        DNA sequencing  -  Gene libraries, Sequencing of DNA,

DBC 169        PCR and protein expression - Polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DNA electrophoresis, Over expression of proteins                                             

DBC 170        Genetic engineering in medinice - DNA fingerprinting, Diagnosis of sickle- cell anemia using RFLP, Evidence of viral DNA using RT-PCR, Gene therapy


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