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Organs and Tissuses Charts

  Products » Bio-Chemistry Charts » Organs and Tissuses Charts

Thick Laminated both side & attached with Plastic Strips            

Thick Laminated & Framed on NU-Wood Board  

Size 20”x26” 



DBC 171        Overview - Hydrolysis and resorption of dietary constituents.

DBC 172        Digestive secretions - Digestive juices,              

DBC 173        Digestive processes-Formation of hydrochloric acid, Zymogen activation Fat digestion

DBC 174        Resorption - Monosaccharides, Lipids,              


DBC 175        Composition and functions - Functions of the blood, Cellular elements, Blood plasma: composition      

DBC 175        Plasma proteins - Plasma proteins, Electrophoresis,

DBC 176        Lipoproteins - Composition of lipoprotein complexes, Transport functions

DBC 177        Hemoglobin - Hemoglobin: structure, Hemoglobin: allosteric  effects,

DBC 178        Gas transport- Regulation of O2 transport, Hemoglobin and CO2 transport, Hemoglobin and CO2                                                     transport.

DBC 179        Erythrocyte metabolism - Reactive oxygen species, Biological antioxidants, Erythrocyte                                  metabolism                                                   

DBC 180        Iron metabolism - Distribution of iron, Iron metabolism,

DBC 181        Acid-base balance - Hydrogen ion concentration in the blood plasma, Acid-base balance, Buffer systems in the plasma                            

DBC 182        Blood clotting - Blood clotting,                              

DBC 183        Fibrinolysis blood groups - Fibrinolysis,Blood groups: the AB0 system

            IMMMUNE SYSTEM

DBC 184        Immune  response - Simplified scheme of the immune response,

DBC 185        T- cell activation - Antigen receptors, T cell activation,

DBC 186        Complement system - Complement activation, 

DBC 188        Antibodies - Domain structure of immunoglobulin G, Classes of immunoglobulins.        

DBC 189        Antibodies biosynthesis - Variability of immunoglobulins, Origins of antibody variety, Biosynthesis of a light chain.                                 

DBC 190        Monoclonal antibodies, immunoassay - Monoclona  antibodies Immunoassay


DBC 191        Functions - Diagram of a hepatocyte, Functions of the liver, Liver metabolism

DBC 192        Buffer Function in organ metabolism - Absorptive state, Postabsorptive state

DBC 193        Carbohydrate metabolism - Gluconeogenesis : overview, Fructose and Galactose metabolism   

DBC 194        Lipid metabolism - Lipid metabolism, Biosynthesis of ketone bodies

DBC 195        Bile acids - Bile acids and bile salts, Metabolism of bile salts,

DBC 196        Biotransformations - Biotransformations,                       

DBC 197        Cytochrome P450 systems - Cytochrome P450-dependent Monooxygenases: reactions,

Reaction mechanism,                                                     

DBC 198        Ethanol metabolism - Blood ethanol level, Ethanol metabolism, Liver  damage due to alcohol


DBC 199        Functions - Functions of the kidneys, Urine formation, 

DBC 200        Urine-Urine ,Organic constituents,Inorganic constituents,

DBC 201        Function in the acid -base balance - Proton secretion, Ammonia excretion

 DBC 202       Electrolyte and water recycling - Electrolyte and water recycling,Gluconeogenesis 

DBC 203        Renal hormones - Renal hormones, Renin angiotensin system,


DBC 204        Muscle contraction - Organization of striated muscle, Mechanism of muscle contraction

DBC 205       Control of muscle contraction - Neuromuscular junction, Sarcoplasmatic reticulum (SR), Regulation by calcium ions                                             

DBC 206        Muscle metabolism 1 - Energy metabolism in the white and red muscle fibers, Creatine metabolism                            .                      

DBC 207        Muscle metabolis1 - Cori and alanine cycle, Protein and amino acid metabolism.


DBC 208        Bone and teeth - Bone, Teeth                              

DBC 209        Calcium metabolism - Functions of calcium, Bone remodeling, Calcium homeostasis,   

DBC 210        Collagens - Structure of collagens, Biosynthesis,        

DBC 211        Extracellular matrix - Extracellular matrix, Fibronectins, Proteoglycans


DBC 212        Signal transmisssion in the CNS - Structure of nerve cells, Neurotransmitters and neurohormones, Synaptic signal transmission

DBC 213      Resting potential and action potential - Resting potential, Action potential

DBC 214        Neurotransmitters - Important neurotransmitters, Biosynthesis of the catecholamines.

DBC 215        Receptors for neurotransmitters -Receptors for neurotransmitters, Acetylcholine receptors, Metabolism of acetylcholine.            

DBC 216        Metabolism - Energy metabolism of the brain, Glutamate, glutamine, and GABA,

DBC 217        Sight  - Photoreceptor, Signal cascade,              


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