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  Products » Bio-Chemistry Charts » GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Charts

Thick Laminated both side & attached with Plastic Strips            

Thick Laminated & Framed on NU-Wood Board  

Size 20”x26” 

            CELL PROLIFERATION                          


DBC 234        Cell cycle - Cell cycle,Control of the cell cycle, 

DBC 235        Apoptosis - Cell proliferation and apoptosis, Regulation of apoptosis.

 DBC 236       Oncogenes - Proto-oncogenes: biological role, Oncogene products: biochemical functions

DBC 237        Tumors - Division behavior of cells, Transformation,

DBC 238        Cytostatic drugs- Alkylating agents, anthracyclines, Antimetabolites

DBC 239        VIRUSES - Viruses: examples, Capsid of the rhino virus, Life cycle of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).



DBC 240        Calvin cycle - Calvin cycle (plant chloroplasts)

DBC 241        Carbohyrate metabolism - Carbohydrate metabolism, Biosynthesis of fats and membrane lipids            

 DBC 242       Membrance liquids                                                 

DBC 243        Synthesis of ketone bodies and steroids - Synthesis of ketone bodies and steroids

DBC 244        Degradation of fats and phospholipids - Degradation of fats and phospholipids

DBC 245        Biosynthesis of the essential amino-acids -Degradation of fats and phospholipids

DBC 246        Biosynthesis of the non-essential amino-acids - Biosynthesis of the non-essential amino acids

DBC 247        Amino acid degardation 1 - Amino acid degradation I 

DBC 248        Amino acid degardation 11 - Amino acid degradation II

DBC 249        Ammonia metabolism -  Ammonia metabolism 

DBC 250        Biosynthesis of purine nucleotides - Biosynthesis of purine  nucleotides

DBC 251        Biosynthesis of the pyrimidine nucleotides and - Biosynthesis of the pyrimidine nucleotides

    and C1 metabolism                 

DBC 252        Metabolism nucleotide degradation - Nucleotide degradation


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