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Microbiology O.H.P. Transparency Charts

  Products » Microbiology » Microbiology O.H.P. Transparency Charts

Digital Charts Size : 12"x18" Laminated Mounted on Board
These Microscopic Structures (1000X Magnification) were produced from original examiniations & data Transparency in One volume
1. Neisseria  Gonorrhee Gram Stain 2. Streptococcus Pyogenes Methylene Blue 3. Streptococcus Pyogene Pappenheims Stain
4. Streptococcus Aureus Methylene Blue 5. Gaffkya Tetragena Gram Stain 6. Deplococcus Pneumoniae Gram Stain
7. Deplococcus  Pneumoniae Showing Capsular Swelling as Seen in Neufeld Quellung Test 8. Klebsiella Pneumonlae Hiss Capsule Stain 9. Escherichia Coli Gram Stain
10. Salmonella Typhosa Gram Stain 11. Salmonella Typhosa Stained to Show Flagella 12. Pasteurella Pestis Pappenheims Stain
13. Brucella Melitensis Carbolfuchsin 14. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Gram Stain 15. Hemophilus Ducreyi Gentian Violet
16. Hemophilus Influenzae Grain Stain 17. Bordetella Pertussis Gram Stain 18. Moraxella Lacunata Carbolfuchsin
19. Corynebacterium Acnes Grain Stain 20. Corynebacterium Xerosis Alberts Stain 21. Corynebacterium Diptheriae - Gram Stain
22. Corynebacterium Diptheriae Alberts Stain 23. Corynebacterium Pseudo- Diphtheriticum Gram Stain 24. Mycobacterium Tuber Culosis Zpehi-Neelsen Stain
25. Mycobacterium Tubercu- losis - Spengler or Schulte-tigges Stain 26. Mycobacterium Leprae Ziehl-neelsen Stain 27. Bacillus Anthracis From Heart Blood Carbolfuchsin
28. Bacillus Anthracis From Peritoneum.-hiss Capsule Stain 29. Bacillus Anthracis Showing Spores Fuchsin- Methylene Blue Spore Stain 30. Clostridium Pertringens Gram Stain
31. Clostridium Septicum Methylene Blue 32. Clostridium tetani- fuchsin - methylene blue spore stain 33. Clostridium chauvoei gram stain shoung spores
34. Clostridium botulinum gentian violet shug spores 35. Fusobacterium fusiforme gentian violet 36. Scrapings from lesion of vincents angina gentian violet
37. Rhodospirillum rubrum carbolfuchsin 38. Vibrio comma-gram stain 39. Borrelia recurrentis safranin
40. Treponema pallidum levaditis stain 41. Treponema pallidum fontana stain 42. Actinomyces bovis (from lumpy jaw ofcow)
43. Saccharomyces sp. Methylene blue 44. Coccidioides immitis schematic 45. Blastomyces dermatitidis
46. Aspergillus sp. X 125 47. Penicillium sp. X 125 48. Plasmodium estiva-autumnal malaria wrights - stain
49. Plasmodium falciparum wrights stain 50. Plasmodium vivax tertian malaria wrights stain 51. Plasmodium vivax-old trophozoite wrights stain
52. Plasmodium vivax well grown schizont 53. Plasmodium vivax merozoites 54. Plasmodiun malariae- trophozoite in ring
55. Plasmodium malariae schizont stage x 1500 56. Plasmodium malariae merozoite stage x 1500 57. Entamoeba histolytica
58. Entamoeba coli 59. Negri bodies in nerve cells 60. Spermatozoa(human)



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