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Remedial Biology Charts

  Products » Charts/ Models for Pharmacy Institutions » Pharmacy Charts » Remedial Biology Charts

CH146 Mitosis in Plants CH 147 Meiosis in Plants
CH 148 Structure of Chromosome during Mitosis CH 149 Structure of Chromosome during Meiosis
CH 150 Parts of a Plant ( Mustard ) CH 151 Plant Kingdom - I (Flowering)
CH 151 a Plant Kingdom - II (Non-flowering) CH 157 Insectivorous Plants
CH 159 Comparison of Monocot Dicot Plants CH 174 T.S. Dicot Root
CH 175 T.S.Monocot Root CH 176 T.S.Dicot Stem
CH 177 T.S. Monocot Stem CH 178 T.S.Dicot Leaf
CH 179 T.S. Monocot Leaf CH 180 T.S. Dicot Stem sec. Growth
CH 181 T.S.Dicot Root Secondary Growth CH 182 Root Modification
CH 183 Stem Modification (Aerial) CH 184 Leaf Modification
CH 185 Vegetative Propagation CH 186 Artificial Propagation
CH 301 The Cell (Ultra Structure) CH 302 Animal Mitosis (Cell Division)
CH 303 Animal Meiosis (Cell Division) CH 304 Animal Tissues part I Connective Tissues
CH 305 Tissues part II Epithelial and Muscular Tissues CH 306 A. Tissues Part III Blood and Nerve Tissues
CH 315 Amoeba Structure & Locomotion CH 33 Entamoeba Histolytica - Str. and L.H
CH 35 Vermicularis Entrobius Life History CH 36 Malarial Parasite Life History
CH 37 Ascaris lumbricoides Life History CH 38 Fasciola Hepatica (Liver Fluke) Life History
CH 39 Ancylostoma Duodenale (Hookworm) L.C CH 330 Taenia solium Structure & Life History.
CH 355 Food Grain Pests CH 356 Housefly Life History
CH 357 Mosquito Life History Showing Comparison of Culex & Anopheles CH 358 Butterfly Life History
CH 359 Honey bee life history CH 360 Silkworm Life History
CH 361 Grasshopper Life History CH 362 Cockroach L.H. CH 60 Water Cycle
CH 61 Nitrogen Cycle CH 62 Carbon Cycle
CH 63 Oxygen Cycle CH 64 Environmental Pollution
CH 65 Food Web CH 66 Food Chain


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