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Human Models

  Products » Charts/ Models for Pharmacy Institutions » Pharmacy Models » Human Models

Imp 3a Imp Human Torso Rubber Material Very Superior Quality, Size 50cms
Mod 100 Human Body Or Human Torso (90cm.) Male
Mod 101 Human Torso Size (90cm.) Female
Mod 102 Human Torso (sexless) Size 90cm. 8 Parts
Mod 103 Mini Human Torso Size (52cms. App.)
Mod 104 Human Head And Neck  - On Stand / On Board
Mod 105 Brain 2 Parts (without Stand)
Mod 106 Brain 4 Parts (without Stand)
Mod 107 Human Eye (on Stand)
Mod 107 (a) Human Eye With Orbit (on Board)
Mod 108 Human Ear (on Board)
Mod 109 Teeth With Lower Jaw (on Board)
Mod 110 Human Skin (on Board)
Mod 111 Human Heart 4 Parts
Mod 112 Human Heart 2parts
Mod 113 Lungs With Heart (on Board)
Mod 114 Human Lung (on Stand)
Mod 115 Kidney With Bladder (on Board)
Mod 116 Kidney In Section (on Stand)
Mod 117 Human Circulatory System (on Board)
Mod 118 Human Nervous System (on Board)
Mod 119 Human Reproductive (urinogenital) System Male (on Board)
Mod 120 Human Reproductive (urinogenital) System Female (on Board)
Mod 121 Human Digestive System (on Board)
Mod 122 Human Respiratory System (on Board)
Mod 123 Human Liver (on Stand)
Mod 124 Stomach (on Stand)
Mod 125 Evolution Of Man (depicted In 4 Models) (on Separate Base)
Mod 126 Evolution Of Man (set Of 14 Models Fitted On 4 Large Size Boards)
Mod 127 Bony Pelvis Female
Mod 128 Foetal Skull
Mod 129 Development Of Embryo
Mod 130 Female Pelvis With Baby
Mod 131 Skeleton Articulated (fiber Glass)
Mod 132 Human Skeleton (disarticulated)
Mod 133 Skeleton Stand Folding


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