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Remedial Biology Models

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Mod 141 Amoeba Mounted On Board, Showing General Structure
Mod 142 Paramoecium Is Mounted On Board In Lateral View.
Mod 143 Earthworm Dissection Shows Prominent Internal Organs
Mod 144 Cockroach Dissection All Parts Are Shown
Mod 145 L.h. House Fly Stages Mounted On 12"x18" Board
Mod 146 L.h. Mosquito (culex) Stages From Egg To Adult On Board
Mod 147 L.h. Mosquito Anopheles Stages From Egg To Adult On Board
Mod 148 L.h. Butterfly Eggs Catterpillar, Pupa Head Of Imago And Adult Butterfly In Dorsal View Is Shown
Mod 149 L.h. Silk Worm Eggs, Cocoon, Catterpillar, Pupa And Fully Developed Silk Worm Is Shown
Mod 150 L.h. Honey Bee Gradual Development Stages Are Depicted; Worker, Queen And Drone Are Also Shown

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