Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity5 Unit
ApplicationHospital training


Medical Manikin by Dbios with Product code Dbios-002. Only Dbios exclusively sell this unique manikin covering all Basic and Advanced features. These manikins are used in most of Hospital and Nursing Institutes of India. These maikins are approved by Nursing Council of India. Make your Labs unique with having this Advanced Female Mannequin. 
10 Basic features of the manikin include 

    • Hair and face washing;
    • Eye and ear washing and administering;
    • Oral care and artificial teeth care;
    • Endotracheal intubation (teach demonstration only, not for training)
    • Tracheotomy care
    • Oxygen inhalation
    • Nasal feeding and gastric lavage
    • Pupil observation: one normal, the other mydriasis
    • Ostomy
    • Deltoid subcutaneous injection

 10 Advanced features include  

  •  Lumbar puncture (no liquid, with removable skin cover)
  • Thoracocentesis (no liquid)
  • Abdominocentesis (no liquid)
  • Venipuncture, injection, blood transfusion (Arm)
  • Vastuslateralis injection and buttocks intramuscular injection
  • Female/male urethral catheterization
  • Female/male bladder irrigation
  • Enema
  • Holistic nursing: sponge bath, replacing clothes
  • Detachable left and right breasts and supports breast care (Female only)
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