Dbios having a vast range of medicinal herbs charts

Marma Charts According to the Susruta Samhita the ancient treatise on ayurveda, the human body contains 107 marma points which, when massaged, pressed or stimulated produces a healing effect. Varma ati recognizes 108 marmas. They are often treated with herbal infused oils, essential oils or herbal compresses. Marma therapy is an important part of ayurveda.

Chakras Poster ; Chandranamasakar, surya namaaskar, Yama Niyama, Chakras with nerves, organs and bones visible., koshas and lokas

Chakra deity system :the chakras and their respective deities, including the Biija mantra deity, and the lower chakras along the legs corresponding to the Patala realms., the chakras and their respective deities (in red), including Biija mantra deities, chakras, Talu and Guru chakra.

Chakra charts: This Chakra chart gives basic information about the following concepts according to Yoga and Tantrik psychology and philosophy 1. Chakras 2. Nadiis 3. Biija mantra 4. Indriya 5. Glands 6. Yoga asanas for each chakra

Brahma chakra : Chakra, the cosmic cycle in Tantrik cosmology

Body temple; Ashtanga Yog illustrating the Eight Limb system of Yoga propounded by Patanjali.

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