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Body Parts of Chicken

Types of Chick Combs

Chick Embryo Development

Stages of Bird Growth

Types of Eggs

Chick Circulatory System

Chick Digestive System

Chick Reproductive System

Chick Urinogenital System


Chick Urinogenital System







Plymouth Rock

Rhode Island Red


White Leg Horn

Body Parts of Cow

DAH 07 Methods of Milking & Cross

Section of Cow’s Udder

DAH 08 Oestrous cycle for different

categories of animals

DAH 09 Vaccinations schedule for

dairy animals

DAH 10 Dairy cattle shed map for 10

buffaloes/cows & their


DAH 13 Composition of concentrate

mixture according to level of

milk production

Chick Nervous System

Bull Reproductive System

Cow Reproductive System

Ox Skeleton System

Ho u s i n g S y s t em F o r

Animals Head To Head

Ho u s i n g S y s t em F o r

Animals Tail To Tail

DAG 01 Types of Soil

DAG 02 Different Implements or

Cultivation of Field

DAG 03 Irrigation System

DAG 04 Meteorological Instrument

DAG 06 Tools and Implements for

DAG 07 Cereal, Pulses and Oil Seed

DAG 08 Crops Rabi, Kharif And Summer

DAG 09 Different Propagation Method

DAG 10 Mendelian Genetics Monohybrid and Dihybrid Cross

DAG 14 Plant Diseases

DAG 15 Yellow Mosaic of Beans

DAG 16 Angular Leaf Spot of Cotton

DAG 17 Black Spot of Rose

DAG 18 Citrus Canker

DAG 19 Downy Mildew of Grapes

DAG 20 Leaf Blight of Potato

DAG 21 Little Leaf of Tomato

DAG 22 Mango Disease


DAG 40 Fruits, Vegetables and Flower Crops

DAG 41 Major Exports Fruits & Vegetable

DAG 42 Ma jor Exot i c Frui t s & Vegetable

DAG 43 Different Varieties of Mangos

DAG 44 Different Varieties of Bananas

DAG 45 Different Varieties of Chikkoo

DAG 46 Type of Pruning in Fruits Crops

DAG 47 Fruit Preservation Methods

DAG 48 Recipe of Jam, Jellies,


DAG 49 Recipe of Ketchup

DAG 50 Recipe of Pickles

DAH 18 Methods of Identification

DAH 19 Disbudding & Dehorning

DAH 26 Body Parts of Sheep

DAH 40 Composition of rations