One of the best Nursing Manikins and CPR Manikins by Dbios manufactured and imported specailly designed with features as per INC. All in 1 Nursing MANIKIN / Mannequin by Dbios with  Only Dbios are authorised to sell this unique manikin covering all Basic and Advanced features. These manikins are used in most of Hospital and Nursing Institutes of India. These manikins are approved by Nursing Council of India. Make your Labs unique with having this Advanced Female Mannequin. for complete details visit download section

  1. Hair and face washing
  2. Manually simulate carotid pulse
  3. Eye and ear washing and administering
  4. Mouth cavity and artificial teeth care
  5. Endotracheal intubation via mouth ( demo only, not for training)
  6. Tracheotomy
  7. Oxygen inhaling
  8. Oral and nasal feeding
  9. Gastrolavage
  10. Venipuncture, injection, transfusion (arm)
  1. Deltoid subcutaneous injection
  2. Vastuslateralis injection
  3. Buttocks intramuscular injection
  4. Male/female urethral catheterization
  5. Male/female bladder irrigation
  6. Stoma drainage
  7. Colostomy
  8. Enema
  9. Sacral ulcer care
  10. Holistic nursing: sponge bath, replacing clothes, cold and hot therapy