Dbios Multilingual Charts In foreign languages, A set of 20 Botany charts in Arabic, A set of 5 Zoology charts in Turkish,  a Set of 42 Charts In French, a set of 35 Portugese Charts Language are available.and in Indian languages set of 2 Tamil charts are available. 

Turkish Charts

CH 5101         Galeodes(Spider)

CH 5102         Kurbaga (Frog)

CH 5103         Cekirage(Grass Hopper)

CH 5104         Solucan(Earth Worm)

CH 5105      Kerevit(Paleamon)

Tamil Charts


Plant cell

Arabic Charts

CH 5001         Cork : Lenticel in T.S.; Early Stages In Formation

CH 5002         XYLEM : T.S. in Simple Pit And Bordered Pit.

CH 5003         Parenchyma : With Examples OF Sunflower

CH 5004         Sclerenchyma : In L.S.  View

CH 5005         Collenchyma: In L.S. T.S. View

CH 5006         Pholem : Sieve Tubes In L.S

CH 5007         Epidermis : From Aloe; Onion; Banana; Potato; Pine; Sugarcane etc

CH 5008         Monocot Root

CH 5009         Dicot (Dicotyledonous) Root

CH 5010         Monocot Dicot In Different Regions

CH 5011         Dicot Monocot Stem : Comparison

CH 5012         Stem Growth With Drawing Of Lenticel

CH 5013         Shoot Apex : In Difference Regions

CH 5014         In Flower T.S. In Anther And L.S. For Ovary To Show Embryo SAC.

CH 5015         Root Tip T.S. In Different Regions

French Charts

CH 5201         Squelette Humain ( Human Skeleton)      

CH 5202         Systeme Circulatoire Humain ( Human Circulatory System)

CH 5203         Systeme Circulatoire Humain ( Human Circulatory System)      

CH 5204         LE Systeme Nerveux Humain ( Human Nervous System)

CH 5205         Parties DU Corps Humain (Parts Of TheE Human Body)           

CH 5206         Diarrhe(Diarrhoea)

Ch 5207         La Maladie Contagieuse (Contagious Diseases)   

Ch 5208         Malade Transmise Par Leau (Diseases Of Water-Cholera)

Ch 5209         La Maladie Dair (Grippe) (Diseases Of The Air-Influenza)

Ch 5210         Transmission Du Sida (Transmission Of The Aids)

Ch 5211         Transmission De Paludism (Transmission Of Plasmodium )

Ch 5212         Reproduction (Human Reproductive System

Ch 5213         Cycle De Vie De MoustiqueAnophles (The Cycle Of Life Of The Anophele)

Ch 5214         Carnivores (Carnivores)

Ch 5215         Herbivores (Herbivores)

Ch 5216         Oiseaux (Birds)

Ch 5217         Poissons (Fish)

Ch 5218         Parties De Poisson (Parts Of The Flower)

Ch 5219         Parties De Lusine (Parts Of The Plant)

Ch 5220         Le Cycle De Leau ( The Cycle Of Water)

French Charts

Ch 5221         Latmosphre En Danger ( Atmosphere In Danger)

Ch 5222         Animaux En Danger (Animals In Danger)

Ch 5223         Conservation Des Raisons (Conservation Of The Grounds)

Ch 5224         Population Rurale Et Exode (Rural Population And Exode)

Ch 5225         Crises DNergie Et Denvironnement (Crises Of Energy And Environment)

Ch 5226         Familles (Families)

Ch 5227         Verbes (Verbs)

Ch 5228         Adjectifs (Adjectives)

Ch 5229         Nombres (Numbers)

Ch 5230         Tableaux De Multiplication (Multiplication Table)

Ch 5231         Signes Mathematiques (Mathematical Signs)

Ch 5232         Forme GTrique (Geometrical Forms)

Ch 5233         Lheure (The Hour)

Ch 5234         Mesures (Measurements)

Ch 5235         PrPosition (Prepositions)

Ch 5236         Consonnes (Consonents)

Ch 5237         Voyelles (Vowels)     

Ch 5239         Alphabets (The Alphabet)

Ch 5240         Vsine En Danger (Plants In Danger)

Ch 5241         Animaux (Sauvages Et Domestiques) (Animals: Savages And Servants)

Ch 5242         Direction Cinq De Lhomme (Five Senses Of The Man)