Dbios ObG Gynae Charts are available for Medical, Nursing and Ayurvedic Colleges. These charts are ready in three formats size : 20×26” Laminated and attached with strips OR Laminated and framed on board OR Big Charts Laminated and attached with plastic rollers (30×40”). For complete list visit download section

Normal Newborn appearance

NB 1 Quiet Alert state & Family Bonding

NB 2 Vernix & Cyanotic Hands and Feet

NB 3 Molded Hand & Unmolded Head

NB 4 Puffy Face & cephalhematoma

NB 5 Milia & Sucking Bister

NB 6 Dry, Peeling skin & Cradle Cap

NB 7 General Rash & Swollen Breast Tissue

NB 8 Swollen Labia and Discharge & Swollen Scrotum

NB 9 Cross-Eyed Appearance, “Stork Bites” & Mongolian spots

NB 10 Lanugo Hair, Vacuum Extractor “cap” & Forceps Mark

Normal Procedures

NB 11 Suctioning, ID Band & Foot printing

NB 12 Temperature Monitoring, Mom’s Chest &

Heat Regulation

NB 13 Breast feeding & Bottle Feeding

NB 14 Eye Medication, Vitamin K Injection & Heel

Stick Check for jaundice

NB 15 Weighing & Measuring

NB 16 Sponge Bath & Shampoo

NB 17 Cord Clamping and Care, After one Day & Diapering

NB 18 Swadding & Sleeping on Back

Circumcision Procedures

NB 19 Foreskin Intact, Foreskin Circumcised & Infant Being Restrained

NB 20 Plastibell Circumcision & Gomco Circumcision

Newborn Reflexes

NB 21 Rooting Reflex & Moro Reflex

NB 22 Grasp Reflex & Tonic Neck Reflex

NB 23 Waling Reflex, Babinski Toe Reflex &

Planter Toe Reflex

Midwifery Charts as per INC Syllabus

DMC 6. Complete breech

DMC 7. Incomplete breech

DMC 8. Foot presentation

DMC 9. Shoulder presentation

Child Birth Classic Series

CH 1301 Female Reproductive Anatomy

CH 1302 Male Reproductive Anatomy

CH 1303 Conception

CH 1304 The Developing Embryo

CH 1305 First Trimester

CH 1306 Second Trimester

CH 1307 Third Trimester

CH 1308 Fetal Presentation & Position

CH 1309 Cervical Effacement & Dilatation

CH 1310 Internal Exam During Labor

CH 1311 Internal Rotation

CH 1313 Fetal Head Emerging

CH 1314 Crowning

CH 1315 Extension Completes

CH 1316 External Rotation : Restitution

GY 1 10 Real reasons not to get Pregnant

GY 2 Infertility women

GY 3 Method of Birth control

GY 4 S.T.D

GY 5 Death of immune system

GY 6 Child Pregnancy Calculator

GY 7 Intra uterine life

GY 8 New Born Faces

GY 9 Breast feeding

GY 10 Self Breast Examination

GY 11 Pregnancy & Birth

GY 12 Very early sign of Pregnancy

GY 16 Pregnancy fitness plan

PE-347 Bartholin Cyst

PE-445 Breast Cancer

PE-383 Breast Pain (Mastodynia)

PE-349 Cervical Cancer

PE-351 Cervical Dysplasia

PE-353 Cervical Polyps

PE-355 Cervicitis

PE-357 Chancroid

PE-359 Contraception

PE-361 Cystitis

PE-379 Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

(Dub; Irregular Menses)

PE-387 Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Pain;

Painful Periods)

PE-363 Ectopic Pregnancy

PE-365 Endometrial Cancer

PE-367 Endometriosis

PE-371 Fibrocystic Breast Changes

PE-183 Galactorrhea

PE-373 Genital Herpes (HSV-2)

PE-375 Gestational Diabetes (GD)

PE-415 Gonococcal Urethiritis (Urethritis)

PE-525 Gonorrhea

PE-377 Granuloma Inguinale

PE-189 Hirsutism

PE-377 Granuloma Inguinale

PE-189 Hirsutism

PE-191 Hot Flashes

PE-535 Human Papillomaviurs (HPV) Infection

PE-205 Infertility

PE-381 Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV)

PE-209 Menopause

PE-385 Menorrhagia

PE-417 Nongonococcal Urethritis (Urethritis)

IUD Training Model

Features :

  1. The good shape of the model makes the training clearly.
  2. Normal and abnormal positions of uterus can demonstrate the uterine anteversion and retroversion

Breast Model with Interchangeable Nodules

This educational model comes with five different-sized lumps that can be inserted and removed from the back of the breast. Perfect for mammography and BSE motivation. Includes a carrying case and

extra set of breast lumps. Sh. wt. 2 lbs.

Pelvimetry Demonstration Model

Features :

  1. Model for adult pelvis, real size, shortage of anatomical structures.
  2. Show the pelvic cavity surface of three products: Pelvic entrance face, in the pelvis, pelvic exports
  1. Including hip, the sacrum, sacral promontory, coccyx, ischial spine, sacroiliac joints, iliac shame promontory, toe bone joint, to 4, 5, lumbar structure, etc.

Artificial Abortion Simulated Uterus

Features :

  1. Three pregnant uterus can be opened and add to simulated gestation sac;
  2. Uterine dilator and curet can be inserted into cervix; can simulate curettage be operation and the simulated gestation sac can scraped;
  1. With basement support and can fix uterus in the right position   

Maternal Simulator

Features :

1. The model consists of adults female torso, full-term fetus.

2. The model with realistic rib, heart, lungs and other anatomical structure.

3. Automatic delivery system, process through the

delivery device fully simulate the real delivery to achieve position rotation.

4. Delivery speed can be adjusted.

5. Practicing, examining the fetal heart sound frequency