Dbios FMT Models are available for Medical , Dental, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Colleges through out the world. These Models are made of unbreakable fiber glass or plastic which long lasts in your labs. The vivid knowledge of Forensic models for upcoming Doctors are one of best available in India. For complete list visit download section. We are manufacturers of all kind of Educational Models and charts,  from School, Medical Colleges to Technical Institutes. 


DFM 02   Tattoo Marks over the forearm.

DFM 03   Types of Finger Prints: Set of four models of (a) Arch, (b) Loop, (c) Whorl and (d) composite types

DFM 04     Occupational Marks: Bakers, Tailor, Lead line.


DFM 07  Cadaveric Spasm 

DFM 09    Adipocere Forearm (Stiffing & Swelling Fats).

DFM 10B    Colour Changes in Bruise set of 2 models.


DFM 20  Stab Wound (Abdomen).

DFM 21B  Defensive wounds of Forearm: Showing typical incised wounds.

DFM 23A   Puncture Wound on Chest: Perforated entry wound.

DFM 27    Head Injury Depressed Frontal Fracture.

DFM 29    Nose Bitten of by Teeth.

DFM 31   Electric Burn: Hand showing the caused electric burn by live wire contact.


DFM 32   Scalds: Hand fell in Bioling ghee.

DFM 33A Lysol Burns: Model of face depicting lysol burns of the lips running down over the chin.

DFM 33B    Burns of face from a kerosene Oil lamp.


DFM 36A   Suicidal Hanging: Model of head and neck depicting the pattern of rope wound .

DFM 38    Strangulation: Showing Ligature Mark by cane wound round the neck.


DFM 40A    Postmortem Lividity: Over face causing dark stain except where prevented by pressure.

EXHUMATIONDFM 41     Drowning: Model depicting froth of inhaled water mixed with mucous appearing at mouth due to drowning.


DFM 43B  Stomach Poisoning by Sulphuric Acid.

DFM 43C   Stomach Poisoning by Oxalic Acid.

DFM 43E    Stomach Poisoning: Caustic Potash.

DFM 43F   Stomach Poisoning: Lysol.



DFM 44     Rape: Head and neck of a girl with attempted strangulation marks on neck.

DFM 47A     The Slightly pendulous breast of recently married woman.

DFM 75 The wound in jaw.

DFM 76 The wound in abdomen with small intension evisceration.

DFM 77 Opened fracture of right hand (including parenchyma laceration, fracture and bone tissue exposure).

DFM 78 Burns in left forearm 1,2,3rd Degree

DFM 79 Diabetic foot

DFM 12 (3D) Abrasions: Knee (Fell on Road).

DFM 12B (3D) Throttling :- Strangulation by throttling

DFM 12C (3D) Abrasion on face

DFM 14B (3D) Bruises on Hand :- Showing multiple Bruises

DFM 14C (3D) Multiple Bruises on Foot

DFM 18(3D) Suicidal incised wound on throat

DFM 19A (3D) Clean cut wound :- Showing Injury with sharp weapon


Dbios FMT /Forensic PIONEER/Scientists are available for Medical , Dental, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Colleges through out the world. These Scientist are ready in three formats Size : 12x 18” OR 20″X26″ Laminated and Framed on Board. For complete list visit download section These are specially designed for Medicine deptt. We are manufacturers of all kind of Educational Posters and Charts. All posters from Medical Colleges to Technical Institutes.

FP 1 Alphonse Bertillon (1853-1914)

FP 2 Mathieu Orfila (1787-1853)

FP 3 Alec Jeffreys

FP 4 Edmond Locard

FP 5 Joseph Bell

FP 7 William Bass

FP 8 William Maples

FP 16 Forensic History – I