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DPhc 02 Pharmacology of Central Nervous System

  1. Neurohumoral transmission in the C.N.S.
  2. General Anesthetics.
  3. Anti-epileptics drugs.
  4. Anti-Parkinsonian Drugs.
  5. Analgesics, Antipyretics and Anti-gout drugs.
  6. Narcotic analgesics and antagonists.
  7. C.N.S. Stimulants

DPhc 03 Pharmacology of Cardiovascular System

  1. Digitalis and cardiac glycosides.
  2. Antihypertensive drugs.
  3. Antianginal and Vasodilator drugs.
  4. Antiarrhythmic drugs
  5. Antihyperlipedimic drugs

DPhc 04 Drugs Acting on the Hemopoietic System

  1. Anticoagulants, Vitamin K and hemostatic agents.
  2. Fibrinolytic and anti-platelet drugs.

Pharmacology of Central Nervous System

DPhc 51 Pharmacokinetics (3 charts)

(A) Routes of Drug administration

(B) Absorption of Drugs, bioavailability & Drug distribution

(C) Binding of Drugs to plasma proteins and Drug metabolism &

Drug elimination

DPhc 52 Drug – Receptor interactions and pharmacodynamics

DPhc 53 The Automatic nervous system (2 charts)

DPhc 54 Cholinergic Agonists (2 charts)

DPhc 55 Cholinergic Antagonists (2 charts)

DPhc 56 Adrenergic agonists (3 charts)

DPhc 57 Adrenergic Antagonists (2 charts)



DPhc 58 Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases (2 charts)

Dphc 59 Anxiolytic and hypnotic drugs

DPhc 60 Central Nervous system Stimulants

Dphc 81 Inhibitors of cell wall synthesis (4 charts)

DPhc 82 Protein Synthesis Inhibitors (4 charts)

DPhc 83 Quinolones, Folic Acid antagonists and urinary tract

Antiseptics. (3 charts)

DPhc 84 Antimycobacterial Drugs

DPhc 85 Antifungal Drugs

DPhc 86 Antiprotozoal Drugs

Dphc 87 Anthelmintic Drugs (2 charts)

Major Ways in Which Drugs Work

Dphc 102 Eliminate External and Internal Threats

Dphc 104 Replenish or Neutralize Endogenous Chemicals

Dphc 105 Modulate Physiologic Processes

Chemical Communication

Dphc 106 Chemical Transmission at the Synapse

Dphc 107 Synapse Morphology


Dphc 108 Receptors and Signaling

Dphc 109 Receptor Subtypes

Dphc 110 Agonists


Dphc 111 Antagonists

Dphc 112 Stereochemistry and 3-Dimensional Fit

Dphc 113 Receptor-Effector Coupling

Dphc 114 Signal Transduction and Cross Talk

Dphc 115 Second-Messenger Pathways

Dphc 116 Ligand-Gated lon Channels

Dphc 117 G Protein-Coupled Receptors

Dphc 118 Trk Receptors

Dphc 119 Nuclear Receptors

Dphc 120 Up-regulation and Down-regulation of Receptors

Dphc 482 Allergic Reactions to Drugs

Dphc 483 Type I (Acute, Anaphylactic) Reactions

Dphc 484 Type II (Cytotoxic, Autoimmune) Reactions

Dphc 485 Type III (Immune Complex, Serum Sickness, Arthus)

Dphc 486 Type IV (Cell-Mediated, Delayed-Hypersensitivity, Contact

Dphc 487 Brain Reward Circuit

Dphc 488 Ethanol: Deleterious Effects

Dphc 489 Ethanol Abuse: Treatment

Dphc 490 Withdrawal: Opioids, Benzobiazepines and Barbiturates

Poisoning or Overdose

Dphc 492 Sympathomimetic Drugs

Dphc 493 Cholinergic Drugs

Dphc 494 Anticholinergic Drugs

Animal Experimental Lab Charts

Dphc 551 Effect of drugs on rabbit eye-I

Dphc 552 Effect of drugs on rabbit eye-II

Dphc 553 Effect of drugs on rabbit eye-III

Dphc 554 Effect of drugs on rabbit eye-IV

Dphc 555 Rabbit Ileum

Dphc 556 Acetylcholine-Atropine-Epinephrine

Dphc 557 Epinephrine- Propranolol- Epinephrine

Dphc 558 Effect of different doses of Diltiazem on cardiac

stimulant action of Adrenaline and CaCl2 on frog heart

Dphc 559 Unknown drugs on frog heart

Dphc 560 Effect of drugs on frog’s heart

Dphc 561 Effect of various drugs on isolated guinea pig ileum


History of Medicine Set of 10 charts

History of Medicine Set of 5 charts

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Col. Ramnath Chopra Father of Indian Pharmacology

  1. Rudolf Buchheim Father of Pharmacology
  2. Paul Greengard 2000
  3. Robert F. Furchgott 1998
  4. Louis J. Ignarro 1998
  5. Ferid Murad 1998
  6. Alfred G. Gilman 1994
  7. Edwin G. Krebs 1992
  8. Sir James W. Black 1998
  9. Gertrude B. Elion 1988
  10. Earl W. Sutherland JR. 1971
  11. Julius Axelrod 1970
  1. Frederick Grant Banting 1923
  2. Oswald Schmiedeberg (1838-1921)
  3. Dr. Naranjan Dhalla
  4. Gerhard Johannes Paul Domagk (Nobilest)
  5. Albert niemann
  7. Crawford Long
  8. Friedrich Wilhelm Sertrner
  9. George Hitchings (Nobilest)
  10. James Parkinson
  11. John-Gaddum
  12. Howard Walter Florey
  13. Sir John Vane