Export Quality ZOOLOGY Slides (set of 50) for Senior schools . These Zoology Microscopic slides are appreciated by number of Private and Public schools. These section are well enlarged to be visible under good Microscopes. For Complete list of charts-models visit download section.

C01 Mammal Taste Bud

C02 Mammal Blood

C03 Meiosis (Locust)

C04 Mammal Artery

C05 Mammal Vein

C06 Animal Cell

C07 Euglena

C08 Mammal Lungs

C09 Mammal Appendix

C10 Mammary Gland

C11 Mammal Thymus Gland

C12 Mammal Adrenal Gland

C13 Mammal Pituitary Gland

C14 Paramecium W.m

C15 Paramecium Fission,w.m

C16 Paramecium Conjugation,w.m

C17 Mammal Nerve

C18 Hydra W.m

C19 Hydra With Bud,w.m

C20 Skeletal Muscle

C21 Mammal Blastula

C22 Mammal Hair

C23 Mammal Ovary

C24 Fibro Cartilage

C25 Simple Cuboidal Epithelium

C26 Stratified Squamous Epithelium

C27 Ciliated Epithelium

C28 Adipose Tissue

C29 Hyline Cartilage

C30 Mammal Tooth

C31 Elastic Cartilage

C32 Frog Blood Smear

C33 Smooth Muscles

C34 Skeleton Muscle

C35 Daphnia

C36 Cardiac Muscle

C37 Spinal Cord

C38 Esophagus

C39 Trachea

C40 Stomach

C41 Planaria

C42 Mammal Skin

C43 Small Intestine

C44 Duodenum

C45 Jejunum

C46 Large Intestine

C47 Nerve Cell

C48 Kidney

C49 Ureter

C50 Mammal Rectum