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Physical chemistry


DBC 21 Overview – Carbohydrates overview, Monosaccharides structure

DBC 22 Chemistry of sugar – Reactions of the monosaccharides, Polarimetry

DBC 23 Monosaccharides and Disaccharides – Important monosaccharides,

DBC 24 Polysaccharides overview – Polysaccharides structure, Important

DBC 25 Plant Polysaccharides – Cellulose, Starch,

DBC 26 Glycosaminoglycans and Glycoproteins – Hyaluronic acid,Oligosaccharide


DBC 28 Overview – Classification

DBC 29 Fatty acid and fats – Carboxylic acids , Structure of fats

DBC 30 Phospholipids and Glycolipids – Structure of fats, Phospholipids and

DBC 31 Isoprenoids – Activated acetic acid as a component of lipids,

DBC 32 Steroid structure – Steroid building blocks, 3D structure, Thin-layer

DBC 33 Steroid : overview – Sterols, Bile acids, Steroid hormones

Amino Acid

DBC 36 Chemistry and properties – Amino acids: functions, Optical activity,

Dissociation curve of histidine B27

DBC 37 Proteinogenic amino acids – The proteinogenic amino acids,

DBC 38 Non-Proteinogenic amino acids – Rare amino acids,Post-translational

Protein modification , Biogenic amines


DBC 40 Overveiw – Proteins

DBC 41 Peptide bonds – Peptide bonds, Resonance, Peptide nomenclature,

Conformation space of the peptide chain

DBC 42 Secondary structures – Helix, Collagen Helix, Pleated-sheet structures, B – Turns

DBC 43 Structural proteins – Keratin, Collagen, Silk fibroin

DBC 44 Globular proteins – Conformation-stabilizing interactions, Disulfide bonds,

DBC 45 Protein folding – Folding and denaturation of ribonuclease,

DBC 46 Molecule models : Insulin – Structure of insulin,Insulin (monomer)

DBC 47 Isolation and analysis of proteins – Salt precipitation,Dialysis, Gel filtration,


DBC 48 Base and nucleotides – Nucleic acid bases, Nucleosides, Nucleotides,

Oligonucleotides, Polynucleotides

DBC 49 RNA – Ribonucleic acids (RNAs) , Transfer RNA (tRNA)

DBC 50 DNA – DNA: structure, Coding of genetic information

DBC 51 Molecular model: DNA and RNA – DNA : Conformation, RNA,


DBC 52 Basics – Enzymatic activity, Reaction and substrate specificity,

DBC 53 Enzyme Catalysis – Uncatalyzed reaction, Enzyme – catalyzed reaction

DBC 54 Enzyme Kinetics 1 – Michaelis Menten kinetics, Isosteric and allosteri

DBC 55 Enzyme Kinetics 11- pH and temperature dependency of enzyme activity,

Substrate specificity, Bisubstrate kinetics

DBC 56 Inhibitors – Types of inhibitor, Kinetics of inhibition

DBC 57 Lactate dehydrogenase : structure – Lactate dehydrogenase: structure,


DBC 58 Lactate dehydrogenase: mechanism – A. Lactate dehydrogenase : catalytic cycle

DBC 60 Enzymatic analysis – 



DBC 228 Metabolism of Peptide Hormones 

DBC 229 Mechanisms of action – Mechanisms of action, Signal

DBC 230 Second messengers – Cyclic AMP, Inositol 1,4,5-

DBC 231 Signal cascades – Insulin: signal transduction, Nitrogen

DBC 232 Eicosanoids -Eicosanoids,

DBC 233 cytokines – Cytokines, Signal transduction in the cytokines


DBC 234 Cell cycle – Cell cycle,Control of the cell cycle,

DBC 235 Apoptosis – Cell proliferation and apoptosis, Regulation of


DBC 236 Oncogenes – Proto-oncogenes: biological role, Oncogene

DBC 237 Tumors – Division behavior of cells, Transformation,

DBC 238 Cytostatic drugs- Alkylating agents, anthracyclines,

DBC 239 VIRUSES – Viruses: examples, Capsid of the rhino virus,.


DBC 240 Calvin cycle – Calvin cycle (plant chloroplasts)

DBC 241 Carbohyrate metabolism – Carbohydrate metabol

DBC 242 Membrance liquids

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SP 08 Theodor Schwann


SB 09 Sir Alexander Fleming

SP 14 Karl Landsteiner

SP 18 Sanger Fredrick

SP 23 Krebs, Sir Hans Adolf

SP 24 J.D. Watson & H.F.C. Cric

SBC 01 Carl Neuberg, Father of Biochemistry

SBC 02 B. C. Guha Father of Biochemistry in India