Superior FMT / Forensic Slides (set of 10) for MBBS or MD students required by MCI approved medical Institutes in India. Also required by Homeopathic Medical colleges, homeopathy and Ayurvedic Medical Colleges. Unmatched Quality of Microscopic slides imported by Dbios in India is liked by number of Doctors and Professionals . For complete FMT slides and Charts-models visit download section

FMT Slides

Available only in sets 

C-1 Blood Human (sm) – Mammal (sm)

C-2 Bloodstained Textile Fibers –

       Dyed Vs Blood Stained

C-3 Fibers – Nylon, Dacron, & Rayon Fibers (w.m)

C-4 Cheek Cells – Human & Animal (sm)

C-5 DNA in Cells (sect)

C-6 Fingerprints – Arch, Loop, whorl (w.m)

C-7 Hair – Human & Animal (w.m)

C-8 Skin – Human Three Types (sect)

C-9 Spermatozoa

C-10 Diatoms