Dbios Anatomical Models are available for Medical , Dental, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Colleges through out the world. These Models are made of unbreakable fiber glass or plastic which long lasts in your labs. The vivid knowledge of Embryology, Histology or Anatomy models for upcoming Doctors are one of best available in India. For complete list visit download section. We are manufacturers of all kind of Educational Models and charts,  from School, Medical Colleges to Technical Institutes. For complete Embryo charts-models download section

RARE Dbios Anatomy Models

AM1   Model of Man or Woman Life Size : 160CM Showing superficial dissection on one side. And other side intact.

AM2   Human Torso with Head life size torso

AM3   Human Torso with Head life size Sexless Height 90 cms.

AM4 Head & Neck (Median Section) : Made of fiber glass, mounted on base.Size : 10″ x 12.3″ / 4″ x 2″

AM5   Head and Neck dissectable:in two parts in L.S. showing superficial dissection on one side and other intact. Half brain can be taken out.

AM6   Brain with Skull

AM7   Human Brain in 4 Parts

AM8   Brain in 8 parts

AM9   Midsagittal Section through the brain extra large showing all details

AM10 Structure of Cerebellum :A Superior View,An Interior View,A Sagittal View

AM11 Sagittal Section of the Medulla Oblongata and Pons Showing the Cranial Nerve Nuclei of Gray Matter.

AM12 The Autonomic Nervous System: showing relationship of different organs to the spinal cord.

AM13   Human Nervous System half the natural size schematic presentation of the central and peripheral system.

AM14   Visual Central Nervous System Pathways. 

AM14 (a)   Neuron Model Imported.

AM15   Spinal Cork with Spinal Nerves.

AM16   Human Eye in Socket V.S. dissectable in 7 parts.

AM19   Muscular Eye with Orbit – Enlarged about 4-times, Size: 10″x13″x9.1/2″

AM20   Ear Large Size showing External, Middle and Inner Ear Dissectable in four parts.

AM21 Ear Sagittal Section extra large and detailed model

AM22   Ear six time enlarged made from Venyl Rubber.

AM24   Teeth with tongue.

AM23   Tonsils : Pharyngeal, Palatine & Lingual Tonsils.

AM25   Upper and Lower Jaw

AM26   Pituitary Gland Hypothalamus.

AM27   Thyroid & Parathyroid Gland.

AM28   Nascal Cavity & Pharynx Sagittal section viewed from medial side.

AM29   Larynx Anterior View, Posterior View, Slide View cut away side view and Sagittal Section.

AM30   Larynx Deep side view.

AM32   Pharynx   & Larynx Sagittal Section.

AM34   Lungs section with respiratory tract, Bronchial tubes, Arteries & Veins.

AM35   Human Lungs with Heart ;approximately 20″x18″

AM36   The Respiratory System.

AM37   Liver enlarged showing Gall Bladder.

AM38   Liver with Gall Bladder & Pancreas.

AM39   Liver : showing blood supply.

AM40   Pancreas enlarged

AM41   Stomach enlarged with duodenum section

AM42   Spleen Normal size with details.

AM43   Gall Bladder, Pancreas & Duodenum.

AM44   Intestine showing blood supply.

AM45   Intestine Large and Small.

AM46   Rectum (Anal Canal).

AM47   Duct System.

AM48   The Digestive System.

AM49   Heart Enlarged seperable in 4 parts.

AM49 (b)Imported Giant Heart on Diaphragm

AM50   Circulatory System.

AM51   The Hepatic Portal System.

AM52   Schematic Circulatory System.

AM53   Fetal Circulation.

AM54 Arteries of the Neck & Arteries of the Neck & Head,

AM55   An Anterior View of the Major Arteries of the Upper Extermity.

AM56   Arteries of the Pelvic Region.

AM57   Arteries of the Right Lower Extremity (Anteri &P)

AM58   Urinary System with Kidneys and Urinary Bladder.

AM59   Kidney enlarged showing Nephrone & glomerulus on board.

AM60  Urinary Bladder Sectio

AM61   Testis Cross Section.

AM62   Penis Cross Section Anterior view 

AM63   Structure of the Penis Showing the attachment, blood and Nerve supply.

AM64   Female Urethra L.S.

AM65   Skin Cross Section Model 100 times enlarged


IMP284 MICRO anatomy Kidney

This extremely detailed model shows the morphologic/functional units of the kidney greatly magnified. Six model zones illustrate the following fine-tissue structure that serve the production or urine :

  • Longitudinal section of a kidney
  • Section of renal cortex and renal medulla
  • Wedge-shaped section of a kidney lobe with a diagrammatic depictionof three nephrons with Henle’s loop and didactic/ diagrammatic illustration of the vascular supply
  • Diagrammatic illustration of a nephron with a short Henle’s loop and didactic/diagrammatic illustration of the vascular supply
  • Diagrammatic illustration of an opened renal corpuscle with nephron and light-microscopic tranverse sections of the proximal, attenuated and distal segments of a renal tubule
  • Diagrammatic / didactic illustration of an opened renal corpuscle
  • Mounted on a base. 5×25.5×19 cm ; 1.3 kg

IMP 289 Micro Anatomy Muscle Fibre

  • The model illustrates a section of a skeleton muscle fibre and its neuromuscular
  • end plate magnified approx. 10.000 times. The muscle fibre is the basic element of the diagonally striped skeletal muscle.
  • 5x26x18.5 cm.;1.1kg.


IMP286 MICRO anatomy Digestive System

  • The model illustrations the structure of the fine tissues of four characteristic
  • sections of the digestive system:
  • l Oesophagus l Stomach l Small intesting l Large intestine
  • The front of the model, from top to bottom, shows a magnified view in
  • histological section of the individual sections of the digestive system and their
  • fine tissue structures. On the back of the model, highly magnified views of
  • didactically interesting areas of each of the digestive system sections shown on
  • the front are emphasized. 29.5x26x18.5 cm; 1.5 kg


IMP306 Functional Model of Larynx

  • Features: This model shows the anatomical structure of laryngeal cartilages,
  • laryngeal commissure, laryngeal muscles and laryngeal cavity. It demon strates
  • the movement of oricoarytenoid joint with the simulation of open and close
  • glottis, and the epiglottis cartilages can work to close the outlet of larynx. 24
  • positions are displayed.
  • Height 30 cm. Width 15 cm.             Thickness 14 cm.
  • Material: Advanced PVC and painted with imported paint.

IMP287 MICRO anatomy Artery and Vein

The model shows a medium-sized muscular artery with two adjacent veins from the antebrachial area with adjoining fat tissue and muscle enlarged 14 times. The model illustrates the reciprocal anatomical relationship of artery and vein and the basic functional techniques of the venous valves (“valve function” and”muscle pump”). 

26x19x18.5 cm; 0.9 kg

Dbios EMBRYOLOGY MODELS AS PER MCI norms.(set of 85 models )

EM 1. First Meiotic Division

EM 2. Second Meiotic Division

EM 3. Changes Occuring In Primordial Follice During 1st Half Of Ovarian Cycle

EM 5. Graafian Follicle, Ovulation, Corpus Luteum

EM 6. Relationship Of Fimbriae And Ovary

EM 7. Schematic Representation Of The Three Phases Of Oocyte Penetration

EM 8. Schematic Representation Of A Section Through A Human Blastocyst Recovered From The Uterine Cavity At Approximately 4 Ó Days

EM9. Schematic Representation Of The Events Taking Place During The First Week Of Human Development

EM10. Schematic Representation Of The Changes Taking Place In The Uterine Mucosa Correlated With Those In The Ovary

EM 11. Human Blastocyst 9 Days

EM 12. Human Blastocyst Of App. 12 Days

EM13. Human Blastocyst 13 Days


Digestive Tube And Its Derivatives

EM 62. Sagittal Section Through The Cephalic End Of Embryo App. 25 Days

EM 63. Series Of Human Embryos To Show The Development Of The Pharyngeal Arches App. 25 Days, 28 Days And Five Weeks

EM 64. Development Of The Pharyngeal Clefts And Pouches

EM 65. Representation Of The Migration Of The Thymus, Parathyroid Glands, And Ultimobranchial Body

EM 66. Development Of Tongue (Set Of 4)

EM 67. Successive Stages In The Development Of The Trachea and Lungs At Three Weeks, Four Weeks, Five Weeks & Six Weeks

EM 68. The Primitive Gastro-Intestinal Tract 25days

EM 69. Development Of Liver

EM 70. Development Of Stomach

EM 71. Development Of Pancreas

 and many more …

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