Dbios Civil / Architecture Charts -Posters for Engineering , Polytechnics , Universities and Technical Institutes labs of AICTE Approved institutes in India. Dbios Civil charts are ready in three formats 50×65 cms Laminated and attached with plastic strips Or laminated and framed on wooden board Or Big sized charts 75x100cms Laminated and attached with plastic rollers. These can be customized as per your requirements of lab. Dbios Covered most of the Civil Lab topics Building Construction lab, Concrete Lab, BME, Steel Structure, Structural Analysis, Drawing Lab, Material, Metallurgy, SOM, Fluid Mechanics, Surveying, Soil Mechanics, Surveying, Water Treatment Plant, Transportation Lab. Geology Dbios Can prepare customized charts also for your labs. For complete list of Civil charts visit Download section.

CH 2400 Civil Symbol

CH 2407 Types of footing

CH 2408 Types of floor

CH 2409 Door & Its Types

CH 2410 Types of window

CH 2411 Shovels

CH 2412 Vicat’s Apparatus

CH 2413 Slump Test

CH 2414 Fineness by Sieve analysis method

CH 2415 Rebound Hammer

CH 2416 Crushers

CH 2417 Concrete Batching Plant

CH 2418 Concrete mixing Plant Schematic

CH 2419 Types of Concrete Pump

CH 2420 Types of Foundation

CH 2421 Grillage Foundations

CH 2422a Types of Bond

CH 2422b Types of Bricks

CH 2423a Nomenclature of Stair

CH 2423b Classifications of Stairs

CH 2429a Construction Joints

CH 2429b Welded Joints

CH 2429c Defects of Welded Joints

CH 2430 Different Types of Roof Trusses

CH 2431a Bolted joints and their classifications

CH 2433 Three point loading on a simply supported beam.

CH 2434 2 & 3 Hinged arch.

CH 2435 Reciprocal Theorem using simply supported

CH 2436 Experimental analysis of critical Bukling load.

CH 2437 Typical Mohr Circles for Stresses

CH 2438a Moment Area Theorem-I

CH 2438b Moment Area Theorem-II

CH 2439 Stress-Strain Curve for Steel

CH 2440 Sway in Portal Frame

CH 1676 Heat Treatment Processes: Annealing, Normalizing,

Hardening/Quenching, Tempering, & Surface Hardening.

CH 1677 T-T-T Diagram

(Time, Temperature, Transportation)

CH 1678 Iron – Carbon Diagram

CH 3121 Cupola Furnace

CH 3122 Grain Size

CH 3123 Cu-Zn Diagram & Cu-Su Diagram

CH 3124 Comparison of Optical & Electron Microscope

CH 3125 Hardness Conversion Table

CH 3126 Material Weight & Volume Chart

CH 3127 Cooling Curve for Pure iron

CH 3128 Iron-Iron Carbide Equilibrium Diagram

CH 3129 Induction Hardening Coils

CH 2475 Theodolite and Levelling Instruments

CH 2476 Surveying Compass

CH 2477 Total Station instrument

CH 2478 GPS and GIS

CH 2479 Prismatic Compass

CH 2480 Dumpy level

CH 2481 Theodolite

CH 2490 Sedimentation Tank

CH 2491 Slow sand filter Water

CH 2492 Rapid sand Filter Water

CH 2493 Water purification plant-I

CH 2494 Water purification plant-II

CH 2495 Water purification plant-III


DG1. Galaxies

DG 2. Stars

DG 3. Solar System

DG4. Sun & Moon

DG 5. Planets

DG 6. Pre Historic earth

DG 7. Formation of the Himalayas

DG 9. Minerals

DG 10. Volcanoes

DG 11. Formation of coal

DG 12. Glaciers

DG 13. Development of River

DG 16. Earth’s Coordinates