Dbios Models made of unbreakable fiberglass for Botany, Zoology, Human models for specially schools ,colleges and institutes. Details can be downloaded from the list 

DHM 01 Torso Sexless 90 cms

DHM 02 Torso Male 90 cms

DHM 03 Torso Female 90 cms

DHM 04 Torso Small

DHM 05 Skeleton (Fiber Glass) with Stand

DHM 05A Human Skeleton Big (Without stand)

DHM 06 Articulated Skeleton USA Imported

DHM 06A Loose Skeleton USA Imported (Bones)

DHM 07 Brain 2 Parts

DHM 07A Brain 8 Parts

DHM 08 Human Ear

DHM 08A Big Ear

DHM 09 Human Eye

DHM 09A Big Eye

DHM 10 H. Tooth 2 Parts (Molar)

DHM 11 Human Heart 2 Parts

DHM 11A Big Heart

DHM 12 Human Lung

DHM 13 Human Liver

DHM 14 Stomach

DHM 15 Kidney

DHM 16 Human Reproductive Male

DHM 17 Human Reproductive Female

DHM 18 Human Digestive

DHM 19 Human Circulatory

DHM 20 Human Nervous

DHM 21 Human Respiratory

DHM 22 Human Excretory

DHM 23 Human Skin

DHM 24 Muscular System

DHM 25 Skeleton System

Botany models

DBM 01. Typical Plant Cell.

DBM 02. Mitosis Plant Cell Division.

DBM 03. Meiosis Plant Cell Division.

DBM 04. Root T.S. Monocot.

DBM 05. Root T.S. Dicot.

DBM 06. Dicot Stem.

DBM 07. Stem T.S. Monocot.

DBM 08. Leaf T.S. Monocot.

DBM 09. Leaf T.S. Dicot.

DBM 10. Typical Flower on Board.

DBM 11. Flower on Stand

DBM 12. Mitochondria

DBM 13. Chloroplast

Zoology Models

DZM 01 Animal Cell

DZM 02. D.N.A. (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid).

DZM 02A DNA helical Model on Stand

DZM 03. R.N.A. (Ribo Nucleic Acid).

DZM 04. Amoeba Mounted on Board.

DZM 05. Paramecium Mounted on Board.

DZM 06. Euglena

DZM 07. Hydra

DZM 08. Rat Anatomy

DZM 09. Rabbit Anatomy

DZM 10. Frog Anatomy

DZM 11. Cockroach Anatomy

DZM 12. Earthworm Anatomy

DZM 13. Fish Anatomy

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