Dbios Mechanical / Mech. Charts -Posters for Engineering , Polytechnics , Universities and Technical Institutes labs of AICTE Approved institutes in India. Dbios Mechanical charts are ready in three formats 50×65 cms Laminated and attached with plastic strips Or laminated and framed on wooden board Or Big sized charts 75x100cms Laminated and attached with plastic rollers. These can be customized as per your requirements of lab. Dbios Covered most of the Mechanical Lab topics Engineering Graphics , Drawing of Mechanical Elements, Material and Metallurgy, Strength of Materials SOM Lab, Theory of Machine TOM /DOM charts, Production PT Lab charts , Metrology ,Quality control charts, CAD/ CAM Charts, Fluids /Hydraulics Lab , Heat and Thermodynamics, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning RAC charts, Internal Combustion engine ICE charts, Heat Transfers, Renewable Sources, Rapid Prototyping , Automobile, Aircraft , Industrial Automation charts and many more charts. Workshop ( Carpentry , Foundary, Sheet metal tools, Fitting, Smithy, Welding,) Dbios Can prepare customized charts also for your labs. For complete list of Mechanical charts visit Download section.


S-1 Personal Protection

S-3 Hazchem Symbols

S-5 Fire Preventions

S-7 Precautions in Workshop

S-9 Safety on a Drilling Machine

S-11 Safety on Shaper Machine

S-13 Safety on Surface Grinder

S-2 First Aid Materials

S-4 Ergonomics

S-6 Machine Handling Safety Measures

S-8 Safety on a Fitting Bench

S-10 Safety on Lathe Machine

S-12 Safety on Milling Machine

S-14 Safety in Press Work

WS 70 Methods of Filling

WS 72 Forging Tools

WS 16 Blacksmith’s Tongs

WS 18 Blacksmith’s Hand tools

WS 20 Blacksmith’s Welds

WS 22 Flatter and Set Hammer

WS 24 Heat Treatment of Metals

WS 71 Hand Tools Used in Fitting shop

WS 15 Blacksmith’s Hammers

WS 17 Blacksmith’s Appliances

WS 1 Types of Welded Joints

WS 3 Spot Welding

WS 5 Flash Welding

WS 7 Submerged Arc Welding

S 9 Oxy – Acetylene Torch

WS 51 Vernier Caliper

WS 154 Gear Tooth Vernier Caliper

WS 152 Depth & Inside Micrometer

CH 2401 1st Angle and 3rd Angle projections

CH 2403 Drafting Instruments

CH 3102 Convention for various materials & breaks

CH 3104 Conventional representation of springs

CH 3108 Types of Solids

CH 3111a Parallel Line Method-I 

CH 3111c Parallel Line Method-III 

CH 3113 Projection of planes.

CH 3114b Orthographic Projection-II 

CH 3115 Types of Sectional views

CH 3117 Basic commands of Auto CAD

CH 3119 Basic commands of CAM.

CH 2402 Drawing of different geometrical

CH 3101 Description, Conventions

CH 3103 Conventional representations

CH 1635 Cross Head for a Horizontal Steam Engine

CH 1637 Stuffing Box for a vertical steam

CH 1639 Lathe Tail Stock

CH 1641 Petrol Engine Connecting Rod

CH 1643 Plumber Blocks

CH 1645 Foot – Step Bearing

CH 1647(I) Cotter Types

CH 3141a Mechanical Properties-I

CH 3142a Introduction to stress

CH 3143 Hook’s Law

CH 1665 (I) Belt Drives (Flat):

CH 1665 (III) Drives (’V’ Belt & Rope)

CH 1666 (I) Toothed Wheel (Gear)

CH 1667 Governers

CH 1668 (II) Cams

CH 1669 (II) Balancing (Reciprocating Masses)

CH 1619 (I) Gear:

CH 1620 (I) Cutting Tool:

CH 1620 (III) Cutting Tool:

CH 1621(II) Bending:

CH 1622 (II) Drill:

CH 1624 (I) Chip:

CH 1625 (I) Gauges:

CH 1625 (III) Gauges:

CH 1626 (II) Millings:

CH 3155a Elements of Jigs and Fixtures -I

CH 3155b Elements of Jigs and Fixtures -II

CH 3157 Elements of Jigs and Fixtures

CH 3159 Types of Broaches

WS 134 Turret Lathe

CH 3174 Abrasive Jet Machining

CH 3176 Electron Beam Machining

CH 3178 Laser Beam Machining

CH 1656(II) Reaction Turbine (Radial & Axial Flow):

CH 1656 (IV) Francis Turbine

CH 1657 (I) Fluid System:

CH 1657 (III) Fluid System:

CH 3269 Lancashire boiler

CH 3270 Babcock and Wilcox Boiler

CH 3272 Velox Boiler

CH 3274 Jet Condensers

CH 3276 Separating Calorimeter

CH 3278 Combined Separating and throttling Calorimeter

CH 3280a Different types of Cycles-I

CH 3280b Different types of Cycles-II

CH 3282 Wankle Engine With Cycle

CH 3284 Stirling Engine

CH 3271 Loeffler Boiler

AE 3. Self Starter

AE 5. Specification of MPFI Vehicles – II

AE 7. Emission Control Systems CRDI

AE 9. Automatic Transmission

AE 11. Electric Shift Control Systems

AE 13. Transmission Assembly

AE 15. Electronic Multi-point Fuel 

AE 17. Throttle Body EFI Systems

AE 19. Automotive Accessories – I

AE 21. Anti-braking Locking Systems

AE 23. Defects – Diagnostics & DTC

AE 25. Vehicle Specifications – I

AE 27. Vehicle Specifications – III

AE 29. Vehicle Specifications – V

AE 31. Vehicle Specifications – VII

AE 33. Tools & Equipments Required

AE 35. Tools & Equipments Require

AE 37. Front Axle Suspension Systems

AE 39. R R Door Lockmechanism

AE 41. Suspension Systems – Double

AE 43. Central Locking Systems

AE 45. Windshield Fittment Procedures

AE 47. Vehicle Identification

AE 48 Types Constructional View

AE 49 Undercoating Application

AE 52 Piston And Connecting-rod

AE 54 Cautionary Signs

AE 56 Steering System

AE 58 Differential

AE 60 Worm And Roller Steering Gear

AE 62 Simplified Rack-and-pinion Steering

AE 64 Disassembled Coil-spring Clutch

AE 66 Bike Parts