Dbios Applied Science Charts /Posters for Engineering , Polytechnics , Universities and Technical Institutes labs of AICTE Approved institutes in India. Dbios Applied Science charts are ready in three formats 50×65 cms Laminated and attached with plastic strips Or laminated and framed on wooden board Or Big sized charts 75x100cms Laminated and attached with plastic rollers. HEAT & THERMODYNAMICS, MODERN PHYSICS, ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM, SOLID STATE PHYSICS, ELECTRONICS, OPTICS, MECHANICS,  ATOMIC & NUCLEAR PHYSICS, ENGG. CHEMISTRY, PHYSICAL,  WATER, POLYMERS, PHASE RULE, QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES, LUBRICANTS, CORROSION,  GENERAL, ORGANIC, INORGANIC, ENVIRONMENT SCIENCES, ENGG. MATHEMATICS.  These can be customized as per your requirements of lab. For complete list visit Download section.

CH 1071 Basic Laser Device and Laser Action

CH 1073 Types of Lasers

CH 1074 Michelson – Morley Experiment.

CH 859 Kirchoff’s Laws

CH 1080 AC Circuits

CH 1081 Magnetic Circuits

CH 1082 Hysteresis Curve

CH 1083 Maxwell’s Equations

CH 1084 Hall Effect

CH 872 Types of Crystal Structure

CH 1088 X-Ray Diffraction & Bragg’s Law

CH 1089 Bragg’s Spectrometer

CH 857 Semi-Conductor-I

CH 858 Semi-Conductor-II

CH 861 Logic Gates

CH 860 Oscillators

CH 862 Transistor Characteristics

CH 863 Triode Characteristics

CH 864 Rectifiers

CH 865 Electronic Symbols-I

CH 866 Electronics Symbols-II

CH 1092 Solar Cell

CH 1529 Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

CH953 Boiler Problems

CH954 Softening of Water

CH955 Desalination of Water

CH962 Determination of Alkalinity of Water

CH963 Determination of Hardness by EDTA Method

CH970 Treatment of Water for Domestic Use

CH960 Polymer Composites

CH966 Preparation of Urea Formaldhyde Resin

CH967 Preparation of Phenol Formaldhyde Resin

CH951 Phase Diagram of One Component Systems

CH952 Phase Diagram of Two Component Systems

CH961 Titrimetric Methods of analysis

CH957 Additives for Lubricants

CH958 Physical Properties of Lubricants

CH959 Chemical Properties of Lubricants

CH964 Determination of Viscosity by Redwood Viscometer

CH965 Determination of Flash Point by Pensky Martin’s Apparatus

CH929 Corrosion

CH956 Corrosion Control

CH971 Types of Mechanism of Corrosion

CH 878 Shapes of Atomic Orbitals

CH 909 Separation of Substances

CH 915 Liquefaction of Gases

CH 907 Types of Cells

CH 930 Lattice Defects

CH 932 Michaelis-Menten Equation

CH 938 Radioactivity

CH 877A Jumbo Periodic Table

CH 877 Periodic Tables of the Elements

CH 939 First Aid in Laboratory

CH 940 Laboratory Safety Measures

CH 941 Techniques Used in Laboratory

CH 934 Chromatography

CH 935 Synthetic Dyes

CH 917 Synthetic Polymers

CH 918 Natural & Synthetic Rubbers

CH 894 Determination of Molecular Mass

CH 896 Extraction of Metals

CH 905 Extraction of Aluminium

CH 906 Extraction of Copper


CH 56 Ozone Layer

CH 57 Green House Effect

CH 58 Seasons

CH 59 Biogas Plant

CH 60 Water Cycle

CH 61 Nitrogen Cycle

CH 62 Carbon Cycle

CH 63 Oxygen Cycle

CH 64 Environmental Pollution

CH 65 Food Web

CH 66 Food Chain

CH 67 Land Pollution

CH 68 Phosphorous Cycle

CH 69 Sulphur Cycle

CH 522 Evolution of Man