Dbios Nutritional Lab charts for Nursing and Senior classes are helpful to students for easy understanding.
Regular Avaialalbe Size 50x65cmsare duly thick Laminated & Fitted with Plastic Strip.
9776 Risk of obesity.
9779 Weight Control.
9894 Keys to Healthy Eating.
CH1352. Daily allowance of Vitamins (Infants, Children, Adolescent, Men, Women).
CH 1352A Recommended Dietary allowances For Indians.
CH1353. Daily Allowance of Nutrients.
CH 1353A Some Nutrient-rich Foods-I.
CH 1353 B Some Nutrient-rich Foods-II.
CH 1353C Some Nutrient-rich Foods-III.
CH1354. Balance Diet for Preschool Children (1 to 6years).
CH 1354a Balanced Diet For Adult Man (Sedentary).
CH 1354B Balanced Diet for Adults – (Sedentary).
CH 1354C Approximate Calorific Value Of Nuts, Salads And Fruits.
CH 1354G Approximate Calorific Value Of Some Cooked Preparations.
CH 1354D Vegetables And Fruits With High Calorie Value (>100 kcal).
CH 1355. Balance Diet for School Children (7 to 18 years).
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