Forensic Model is made of unbreakable fiber glass. Only manufacturer to produce models in fiber glass.
Suicidal Hanging. Model of head and neck depicting the pattern of rope wound.

  • DFM 02 Tattoo Marks over the forearm.
  • DFM 03 Types of Finger Prints: Set of four models of (a) Arch, (b) Loop, (c) Whorl and (d) composite types.
  • DFM 04 Occupational Marks: Bakers, Tailor, Lead line.
  • DFM 07 Cadaveric Spasm (Hair).
  • DFM 08 Postmortem Changes: Marbling of the skin due to growth of the organism of decompositions from the abdomen into the system of veins entering of the root of the neck and abdomen.
  • DFM 08A Putrification: Showing gaseous swelling, eye ball, Tongue, protrude giving, frog like appearances.
  • DFM 09 Adipocere Forearm (Stiffing & Swelling Fats).
  • DFM 09A Adipocere: Head & Neck showing the adipocere formation insubcutaneous fat, skin softened and rotted away, after the body was immersed in a river for about five months.
  • DFM 10A Postmortem Staining portion of Body.
  • DFM 10B Colour Changes in Bruise set of 2 models.
  • DFM 11 Mummification: Soft part shrivel up, But remains natural appearance.
  • DFM 12 Abrasions: Knee (Fell on Road).
  • DFM 12A Abrasion: Teeth.
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