Dbios forestary charts about 50 charts
We can develop charts as per choice, customised size and design can be ready.
1. Silviculture and forestry
2. Seed year
3. Patterns of planting
4. Forest thinning
5. Distribution of forest cover
6. Important light demander, shade bearer and demanding species
7. Nutrient uptake and release
8. Vegetation in eastern and himalayas
9. Climate and forest types in india
10. Forms of crown
11. Average height growth in some species according to quality
12. Site quality and diameter at different age in some species
13. Tree classification in regular forests
14. Causes of primary succession
15. Champion and seth’s classification of forests of india
16. Choice of species:- site factors
17. Purpose of plantation : sport goods
18. Fast growing indigenous species
19. Fast grown exotic species
20. Nursery bed
21. Method of transplanting
22. Calendar of nursery operation
23. Methods of soil working
24. Seed rate
25. Method of planting
26. Spacing
27. Silviculture systems
28. Hand tools used in carpentry
29. Types of chisels
30. Types of saws-i
31. Types of saws-ii
32. Carpentry joints-i
33. Carpentry joints-ii
34. Gross features of wood
35. Defects in timber
36. Fungal defects in wood
37. Timber decay
38. Types of axes
39. Logging instruments
40. Methods of sawing logs

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